'Choke On Shit and Die Asshole' and Other Things You Said to Us This Week

Here at Gawker, we have an open door policy when it comes to our readers. We encourage you to send us your tips and your thoughts and opinions. Or rather, we don't give a shit about your opinions but we know you're going to send them to us anyway. You're a moxie group of aol users, aren't you? From death threats to sexual favors, it seems selfish to keep it all internal. So enjoy this small sampling of cock-filled, slime-ridden hand job offers that grace our inboxes each and everyday.

Sir, I Think You're Trying To Contact Deadspin

I like to suck cocks!
Please send any information you have on gay proud, and subscribe me to your forum and magazines!
I'm very interested in all things gay!


Welcome To The Swamp

Someday they will smear you with the same slime you just dished out about the Palins.

You are a symptom of how low journalism has sunk into the swamp you now call politics.

I doubt you have any idea of the damage you do.

Robert Carto

Accidental Journalists Are Libertarians, Actually

"Racist shit" and "Racist fuck." This passes for journalism? So typical of the left. If you don't like the truths someone speaks on race you just close your eyes, plug you ears and scream "racist, racist racist" until they go away. Your'e a fucking child. Choke on shit and die asshole!

This Person Will Not Be Writing For Gawker

Hi Leah,

Am I offering sexual favors to write for an opportunity to write at Gawker? Yes. Of course not. (unless you consider HJs sex...)

But long story short, my grandpa worked nights selling coke, and my dad worked weekends banging broads. And it's my time to shine. My time show them I made something of myself - yeah! (I just read my girlfriend that line and her eyes cast down. I think she almost cried.)

PS was that not funny? (can you postscript above your signature? Fuck it.) Am I fired? Shit. What will I do? Is Fleshbot hiring then? This is a major boner jam.


So, if you guys have a boner for me, I have a boner for you. Hope we can sword fight soon!

Best, Regards, Sincerely, Fuck, Poop, Warmest,



PSS I used the word "boner" three times in a job application. Do you guys have an HR? Cause that won't fly with me. AT ALL. AMIRITE?!

Nor Will This Person


I got a bruised pelvis from a beautiful, if slightly aggressive, Manhattanite at the Seminole Hard Rock a few days ago. We hit it off talking about Chomsky, her work at a non-profit magazine, the state of journalism, bad TV, hipsters, racism, sexism and proper ways to exercise. We were essentially doing some sort of performance art version of a day's worth of Gawker posts. I'd like to see her again. Then, I see a call for a writer on Gawker. It's kizmit.

I'd be a perfect night/weekend writer: I'm a Floridian. Please find my two attached samples, find me funny and have me come to NYC.

Thanks Leah.


Do Not Underestimate Atlantic City Pride

Dear Hamilton, big fan of the site but I gotta say, your comments about Atlantic City in your article "It's Easier Than Ever to Get Married While Drunk at a Seaside New Jersey Hellscape" are down right piggish. Yes, AC has its seedier parts, but it also has great food, a beautiful beach, and thousands of Philadelphia families who have vacationed there for generations. You clearly don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

While large swaths of Atlantic City are economically depressed, equally large swaths are thriving. Look at new hotels like Revel and the Chelsea, new restaurants on Atlantic Avenue, or the multi-million dollar real estate listing along the board walk (those probably aren't full of "hopeless poverty-level day trippers," are they?).

I mean, have you ever even been to Atlantic City???

Honestly, as a long time vacationer at AC, I think your comments are grossly misinformed and simply bad journalism. I think you need to admit what you said is wrong and publish an apology.

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