Fifty blindfolded, bound bodies were found in the Babil Province just south of Baghdad this morning in another apparent mass killing. All of those killed were civilians, and at least two were children, according to CNN. The New York Times reports that those in the area believe the dead were Sunnis.

Babil Province council chairman Raad al-Jubori said in a news conference that the mass killing probably happened on Tuesday night.

There's been a return to sectarian violence like this in Iraq in recent weeks. In June, ISIS militants killed over 160 Shiite soldiers in a mass execution. (ISIS actually claims they murdered 1,700 soldiers, but that number hasn't been confirmed.)

The Times notes that Sunnis were mass-executed in two other incidents in June — 70 Sunni prisoners were murdered in the Babil Province on the 23rd, and 44 Sunni prisoners were killed in Baquba on the 18th.

[Image via AP]