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You may have heard that Florent Morellet's eponymous meatpacking district restaurant, which has been serving up drunks and tranny hookers for decades, is closing down on June 29th. But you don't have to say goodbye without taking a piece of the resto with you. Morellet has been kind enough to put the eatery's decorations on Ebay, the proceeds from which will go to Florent's newly-unemployed staff. Or so Morellet says. Act quick: The map of Mexico City that once graced Florent's walls is now up to $200! No word yet on what will happen to the site after Florent bids adieu to the hood. Rent on the space is expected to jump from $6,000 a month to $50,000. Needless to say, whatever replaces it will probably involve fewer people from France and more people from Fairfield and Freehold.