Forbes's Free Boat Trip Things haven't been going all that well for Steve Forbes the past few years. There was the sale of a minority stake in the family business to a group of investors (including Bono). Then there were a number of major asset sales: Forbes sold its private island in Fiji to Dietrich Mateschitz, the inventor of Red Bull, and passed off the family's sprawling Colorado ranch to Louis Bacon . One thing they haven't sold is the Highlander, the garishly green Forbes-owned yacht that prowls the Hudson and East River on warm summer nights. Now that the season is underway, the Highlander is back to doing what it does best: serving as a handy tax deduction for the family. Forbes uses the yacht for pricey conferences and cocktail events aboard the ship are offered up as bait to get people to sign up for community groups and "roundtables" and such. Your chance to pretend your a "Visionaire" make awkward conversation with the former presidential candidate is below.Forbes's Free Boat Trip