So, what was last Saturday's police raid on The Cock, the notorious East Village gay bar, all about? Late at night, the left of The Cock is lined with cocksuckers, but that wasn't the draw for the NYPD. The cops, who shut down the bar, were asking after Man Parrish, one-time pioneer of electronic dance music in the US, who now runs a dance party at The Cock. The police missed Parrish. The party promoter, a Studio 54 veteran and friend of Klaus Nomi, was indeed outside the venue; but his party, the aidsiliciously named Sperm, is on Sunday nights, and Parrish was just handing out flyers. Oops: should have checked the latest issue of HX. If anyone knows why Parrish, pictured right, is on the run, email tips. After the jump, some bonus trivia: what, going back to the Stonewall Riots, do the big police raids of gay bars have in common?

Police raids of gay bars during holidays are an old NYPD tradition. Recent history has the raid of Mister Black on Labor Day weekend. One of the last raids of the now-gone Roxy occured shortly before Halloween. The historic raid at Stonewall? The weekend preceding July 4.