As you may or may not have heard, Britney Spears has been having some "sanity issues" of late. Thankfully, on Saturday Dr. Phil swooped his hairless head in to Cedars Sinai and rescued the once upon a pop star, securing her release and whisking her away to parts unknown. "Parts unknown" of course only if you have no idea where Palm Desert is. It's 120 miles east of Los Angeles. It used to be a training ground for General Patton's troops! It's the cradle for the stoner rock movement! It's also where Spears was spotted Sunday morning with her Afghani-born (OMG!!) BF Adnan Ghalib. According to abnormally eye-patched Vegas gossip columnist Norm!, "Spears was celebrating her release with a mimosa champagne drink during breakfast at the Daily Grill on El Paseo....During breakfast, she went to the restroom with her champagne flute, while her friend stood outside the door." [Struggling not to make "2 Girls 1 Flute" joke!] [Photo: Page Six]