Believe it or not, the Spears' family actually has a spokeswoman/business manager. Her name is Lou Taylor, she looks like Stockard Channing and she definitely needs to be fired. Recently she appeared on NBC on behalf of Jamie and Lynn Spears. She's steaming mad at Dr. Phil for talking about helping Britney. "Any statement that he made...are just inappropriate." Guess what, world? Lou Taylor's based in Brentwood, Tennessee. That are predictable! Also, re: things people don't know about the Spears' family, "Everyday Jamie goes to work as a professional chef, asking the Lord to honor the people he works for in the midst of the circumstances. That Lynn spears is a mother who is broken hearted...I'm so disturbed where we've gotten to be, the morbidity of watching the depravity of people suffering." Video after the jump.