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Notorious douchebag Jeremy Abelson is back with another lame singles event. Better known by his alter-ego, Richard Nouveau, Abelson is the man behind Pocket Change NYC, the site responsible for coordinating a bunch of stupid dating events/publicity stunts over the past couple of years, including Natural Selection Speed Dating II, which was restricted to "sugar mamas" with more than $4 million in assets. (The first iteration was only open to men who made more than $500K a year, which Neel Shah memorably crashed.) That Abelson's events seem to attract perverts (hello Paul Janka!) hasn't put a damper on his ability to stir up press: The greasy wannabe has made appearances on The Early Show and Dr. Phil, describing luxuries that Abelson has only sampled because of the publicity he can generate, not because he can actually afford any of it. (The Ferrari he's sitting in above? Borrowed from Gotham Dream Cars.) But his latest stunt, scheduled for June 5th, looks like it's already in trouble!

Abelson's upcoming dating extravaganza, Fashion Meets Finance ("Ladies, you no longer need to worry that the cute guy at the bar works in advertising") is supposed to be a "VIP Hob Nob Wine Tasting" at Tao. The problem is that the event is sponsored by SilverJet, which ran out of cash last week and suspended its operations.

Yes, the business class-only carrier that once catered to the sort of greasy low-ranking i-bankers in abundance at Abelson's event, is no more, which means it's unclear if the event will now go forward as planned. What on earth will the losers who signed up for the event do if it's cancelled? That assistant publicist at Dior may just have to settle for meeting junior analyst for Merrill Lynch the old-fashioned way—at a cheesy bar in Midtown.

Bonus! For a glimpse of Abelson's extreme douchiness, have a look at this three-part series from a few months ago.