Are you feeling unimportant? You can pay a photographer to trail you around like a paparazzo. The service is called Celeb4ADay. The company is based in Austin but operates in both Austin and Los Angeles. It plans to open in San Francisco as well. There's a story about it in Time (not online) and Portfolio wrote about it too. There is no information on the website as to whether the service includes upskirt shots, horrible Brummie boyfriends, a suffocating panic, a nervous breakdown, the loss of custody of your children (or, for a slightly lower fee, partial custody), or having all vestiges of privacy systematically stripped from your person until you (or whoever you choose I guess) are running through the streets of Austin, naked, crying, arms spread on either side of your body like a flightless bird unable to escape a certain crushing and crummy death. Also! Franchise opportunities are available!