Star magazine editor-at-large, once-lover of Jakob Lodwick et al and a woman about whom we write about often but rarely without deep ambivalence Julia Allison wrote this on her tumblr page: "I would like to take credit for what is SURE to be a domino-effect of the dregs of Manhattan media all jumping on Tumblr's boat together, like little esoteric rats. Sigh. First Doree, now Alex. Who's next, Jeff Bercovici? Rachel Sklar? Emily Gould's new dog?!?!?! MY MOM???" The others I agree with but Julia Allison's mom is a dreg of Manhattan media too? Way harsh, JA! Also, as Guestofaguest notes, there is no domino-effect to speak of. And finally, Ms. Allison went to 'Rent' alone which, when I think about it, is pretty awesome and fitting.