From the legend of Matthew Winkler, tyrannical editor-in-chief of Bloomberg. We still tracking down the details of the deranged bow-tie's attack on a bond desk editor in the 1990s. But, in the meantime, here's an anecdote from a tipster to keep things going.

I think this happened in 2004 at the former Bloomberg digs on Park Avenue. Matt Winkler had come to the newsroom to tell everyone about the latest Bloomberg triumph, I think it was a government contract that put a bloomberg machine in all the offices of the Department of Agriculture. It was a big contract and Winkler had in tow two of the salesmen who made it happen. He produces a bottle of champagne, opens it, and pours the contents into three paper cups — for himself and the two salesmen. He does this in the center of the newsroom. After downing the contents, thanks us for our work, off he went. No class at all.