Cordell Lochin, partner in L.E.S. cabaret The Box, Nolita's reservation-impossible La Esquina, and the 205 club, will soon be getting an invite-only box of his own. His other venture-a drug-smuggling ring!-has gotten him 39 months in jail, plus a fine of $35,000. Well, that explains the Box and La Esquina getting raided on the same night. Frequented by the likes of Gisele, Uma Thurman, socialite Fabiola Beracasa, Cuba Gooding Junior, artist Damien Loeb, Atoosa Rubenstein, Lydia Hearst, and Lance Armstrong, the Box hasn't been edgy for like, months. However, a drug-smuggling sentence of one of its backers might make it cool again-at least for a few weeks. [Guest of a Guest]