Is Mary-Kate Olsen a murderess or is she just really good about picking up her cell phone when it rings four times in a row? Contrary to the New York Post's front page today, cops say they have "absolutely no interest" in talking to Olsen about her role in the events the day of actor Heath Ledger's death. The Post's funny print format that can't be fixed on the fly will look silly all day, but the least they could do is update their website, which is still running with a big Olsen-interrogation splash. Of course, they're not the only ones.

Okay, US Weekly, what's it going to be? At least they've updated their story online. Not so their celebrity weekly competitor Star, who's still reporting that police want to talk to Olsen, according to "sources close to the actress." Papers overseas (drat that time difference) are a little confused too. An Australian newspaper's headline makes it sound like the cops already talked to Olsen.