Old Navy, the cheap clothing company that clothes the girls you want to sleep with but don't have much respect for and the guys who are better looking than you are but also not as cool, has announced it's shedding its family image. According to WWD, now it's time for the company to show the world some "big ideas." Big ideas like what? Urban safari for one. "[Old Navy president Dawn Robertson] described the first collection, for February, as an "urban safari look" encompassing African-inspired dresses, safari suiting, tank tops with touches of lace, khakis, city shorts and plenty of red and prints." Which is such a big idea that it was thought of by nearly every designer three years ago and by Project Runway contestant Michael Knight in Season 3! That was, of course, the challenge he lost with. But ever onwards. What might March bring?

"In March, it will be all about brights and whites inspired by Palm Beach, while April's collection will have a surf appeal. For May, there's a tropical, Hawaiian point of view, and for June, it's a glitzier grouping, reflecting Old Navy's sponsorship of the MTV Music Awards. "

Cool! Colonialism, Surfing, Tropics! Now those are some big ideas!