There goes the neighborhood. Rupert Murdoch is planning to move his Wall Street Journal newsroom from the financial district where it's lived for over 100 years to News Corp's headquarters on Sixth Avenue. The Midtown Journal just doesn't have quite the same ring, though. We predict singing rumble sequences in the cafeteria between WSJ staffers and their new Fox and New York Post siblings. Manhattan's newspapers have either died or migrated uptown over the century, choking the neighborhood around Rockefeller Center, but the Journal was a holdout of a bygone era. After the jump, a stroll around New York's former press nucleus.

Manhattan's famous Park Row, once home to (l-r) Joseph Pulitzer's World, as well as the Tribune, the Press, the Times, and the New York Sun, is no more. The reincarnated Sun attempted to house itself in the paper's original Newspaper Row building without luck-not enough T1 lines or something-and had to settle for a spot down the street.