When the FCC proposed fining 50 ABC affiliates $1.4 million for nudity in a five-year-old NYPD Blue Episode Friday, it reasoned that the exposed body parts were "titillating" even though the derriere is not (technically) a sexual organ and even though the scene in question involved a young boy. This week, broadcasters will have their say about an FCC Supreme Court appeal on indecency, so a brave squad of bloggers has taken it upon themselves to review the graphic evidence in the NYPD Blue case. After the jump, one of the "shocking" shots with "a "small portion" of breast, and links to more photos and commentary. You're welcome, in advance, for this important contribution to the national dialog. Also, NSFW, but barely.

Photos: At fan site NYPDBlue.org (NSFW) and MeVee (more NSFW)

Commentary: At What's Alan Watching and TVWeek and MeVee (NSFW)

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