Esquire features, like many magazines, an advice column about sex. Theirs is written by a woman. The reason why is because a) sex is confusing and b) men are, in general, weird and confused about it. Or at least I am. Which is why this question piqued my interest. It's one most men, and women I'm sure, have dealt with. "What's the best thing to do in that kind of awkward moment immediately after you have sex with a woman for the first time?" I usually either go with "Sorry" or I blast that song Without You by Harry Nilsson off Nilsson Schmilsson and stare at her significantly. Apparently there's a better thing to do/say!

Here's the answer Ms. Stacey Grenrock Woods gives, in part:

I've enlisted the help of sex-book authors Steve and Vera Bodansky, who suggest one use the moment to declare: "I loved it when I slowly entered your pussy and you said, 'Oh, God, that feels so good!' It sent a fantastic electrical feeling from my penis to my head and back."

Woah! Really? "It sent a fantastical electrical feeling from my penis to my head and back!!!!" That can't be the right thing to say. Also, can you still utter the phrase even if the woman in question said, "Oh, God, I'm so wasted" or "Oh, God, It's cold in here. You mind turning on the heat? It's down the hallway on the right hand side, right before the bathroom!"