Okay, we've had just about enough of AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington, who guarantees in the above video to give you "good bang for your buck" if you pass on exclusive information to the wire service. You remember Washington, right? "If Britney passed away, it’s easily one of the biggest stories in a long time," he told US when explaining why the AP had Britney Spears' obit ready. "If we wait an hour to have a really good obituary for someone like Heath Ledger, we're totally out of the game. And that’s not a place that I ever want to be," he said on NPR this weekend. We've got no problem with the AP canning Britney's obit (we wouldn't want them to be caught off guard like they were with Ledger's.) But this guy could use a handler. Or a muzzle, maybe? It's one thing to respond to press queries with a comment offering explanation. But Washington's remarks are a tetch tone-deaf. Or are they?

Washington is the author of last year's No More Paris Hilton Coverage memo, and also tells the hobgobliny man interviewing him here that the AP is the place to go for celeb news. "If you want to know that it really happened, then you're going to have to go to AP," he says. "If we put it out, you can bet the house on it that it really happened." That's the kind of statement that's never going to come back and bite you in the ass!

Speaking of Washington's ass, it was beaten badly about ten years ago by a Puff Daddy producer miffed over a piece Washington wrote for Blaze, a music mag he'd founded. Washington also wrote an editorial accusing Wyclef Jean of aiming a shotgun at him; Jean denied it and called the editorial a publicity stunt. A what? A publicity stunt, you know one of those things you do or say to get attention? Like, say, for a book you've got coming out next week from Simon & Schuster called "Black Will Shoot," for example? Hey, if you did have such a book, now would be a great time for a string of said attention-getting stunts!