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A couple days ago, the idea that OK! and People were offering $15 million for the first snaps of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins seemed crazy. Now comes word that bidding may be approaching the $22 million mark, with People the likely victor or loser, depending on how you view tabloids' rabid interest in the spawn of overrated celebrities. Remember when people were outraged over the $7 million People paid for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins? Yeah, well, that was three months ago.

Unlike Jennifer and Marc, though, Angelina and Brad—the humanitarians that they are—claim they plan donate the cash to charity. (We'll just have to hope the process goes more smoothly than last time, when reports surfaced that Angie and Brad pocketed the Shiloh bounty before backtracking and quietly making good on their donation.) Still, $22 million is an awful lot to spend on bragging rights when you know you'll never recoup it in newsstand sales and that Perez Hilton will be posting the pics approximately five minutes after the issue goes to press.