Aaron Hicklin, former editor of Black Book, had a perfectly rewarding job at Out Magazine. He had made the gay magazine relevant with smart covers, such as the one asking why Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster didn't just come out of the closet, already. The success of Out has propelled the Brit into a grander role, as editorial director of other Planet Out magazines, such as The Advocate, as well as websites such as Gay.com. Yuck. Instead of jetting down to Brazil on fashion shoots with hot models, Hicklin will now have to close down The Advocate, a magazine that chronicled gay liberation but is now scarily thin. The ancient magazine struggles even to attract advertising for HIV medications. And Gay.com is a hookup site giving up ground to newer competitors such as Manhunt. Not much scope there for Hicklin's editorial flair.

(Disclosure: Aaron is a friend, but he didn't tell me about this new job. Probably because I would have said he was crazy.)