Montel Williams, the man who has done the more for innovations in men's collars since Jawaharlal Nehru, is out of a job. CBS is pulling the plug on his eponymous talk show after 17 years. In the daytime talk show milieu, Montel was always—to me—the hip one I could relate to. He didn't wear a collar (as noted); he had a big diamond stud in his ear; he was not gay but had a certain prance to his body. He also introduced me, at a tender age, to the concept of polyamory which I have never forgotten. He was trashy, sure, but with joyous almost feral eyes and a quick easy laugh, Montel lacked the shrillness of Jerry Springer (now being recreated by Harvey Keitel on Broadway); the self-seriousness of Geraldo; the prurient school marminess of Sally Jessy Raphael and the stale obesity of Ricki Lake. After the jump, some of our favorite Montel moments.

Oh, those are all we found. No wonder his show got cancelled!