So apparently people across America are turning on the television sets and going to the movies and everyone on the screen is either waterboarding or getting waterboarded, and the ordinary hardworking taxpaying people who pay for all the torture in the first place feel left out, so they are drinking and laughing with their buddies and getting out garden hoses and deciding, what the hell, let's waterboard! If Current TV on the left and Fox News on the right and Jake Gyllenhaal out in godless Hollywood can all either inflict or suffer the practice despite the risk of heart or panic attack, why can't Joe Sixpack? Sure, the Wall Street Journal only found two — two — non-media waterboarders for its Page One story on the topic, but their ridiculous videos after the jump will surely inspire hordes of imitators and maybe even turn some voters against the practice, at least until the next season of 24.

Non-media people:

Meet Wesley Sherwood, a Knoxville teenager trying to win "an online dare" by waterboarding with a Saran rap, plasterboard and a towel (spoiler: things go especially badly toward the end).

Here's Jean-Pierre Larroque, who was having pizza and beer with two buddies when the cable news mentioned a proposed waterboarding ban in Congress. A Google search and visit to later and they were ready to drive to a desolate part of town for some recreational torture.

Media people:


Current (via MSNBC)

UPDATE: Wonkette!