Posh Spice Tattooed, Simpson A Scientologist, Me Gone!

  • Posh Spice has another tattoo on her wrist and it looks dumb. [Daily Mail]
  • Dave Beckham has a another tattoo, of Posh Spice, and it looks dumb. [Mirror]
  • Alan Cumming swung from a disco ball until it ripped out of the ceiling, danced with it and then sprayed everyone with Cristal! [P6]
  • Bart Simpson's voice, in the person of Nancy Cartwright, gave the Church of Scientology £5million. [Mirror]
  • Britney Spears did, did not, did, did not, did, did not try to commit suicide. [Gawker]
  • After one false goodbye, I'm really leaving Gawker forever after I Photoshop a picture of Bart Simpson onto Tom Cruise's head. To all my readers and commenters, thank you and farewell! Oh yeah, I'm coming back to New York in February (the "lady" I'm "making a go of it" with is transferring to NYC!)