Taxpayers across America should be happy to know they paid for extensive planning to safely get Britney Spears to the hospital in the event of her inevitable recommittal, and so photographers could follow her into the emergency room. Not only did the LAPD block off roads, the FAA actually cleared airspace, God knows why, maybe the lawless paps bought a Predator drone or something. A source told People, "the motorcade and everything was planned, it was already in the works to have them block off the road and airspace. It worked out perfectly." Unlike, say, federal terrorism and disaster planning, which are still a mess. After the jump, First Responder cameramen (Never Forget) are told they could kill someone by barging into an ER, and they reply that they are just trying to live the American dream. [Update Feb. 1: The FAA denies clearing airspace for Britney, which means only local authorities like the LAPD are known to have expended their federally-subsidized budgets on Britney disaster planning.]

Paps: "Wecome to America... it's called hustling man."