[UPDATE: A lawyer for Frida Torresblanco, from the firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP, sent us an email stating "The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudiced (sic)... I insist that you immediately remove any mention of that story or any claim filed against our clients."] The movie Pan's Labyrinth told the story of a sadistic fascist in Spain whose victims included his daughter and her sometime nanny, a housekeeper and rebel sympathizer named Mercedes. As it turns out, the executive producer of the movie, Frida Torresblanco (left), has just been accused in federal court of underpaying and physically abusing her own nanny at a loft in Tribeca. The provocation? The nanny went to a single meeting of a housekeepers' union, so obviously she's an ungrateful communist rebel in training. After the jump, quotes from Torresblanco in the trades about discipline, freedom, and helping other Latinos like her nanny, who by the way is also alleging racial discrimination.

On working with other Latinos (gotta look out for each other!)(Hollywood Reporter):

It's a totally natural thing to help and work with other talented Latinos. Those are the people I know, and they come from where I come from. It's natural to bring them on board.

On how filmmakers (not housekeepers) should be treated (Puntismos.com):

Well . . . in my opinion, it's just about freedom. The filmmakers sometimes complain about the extreme control that they experienced working in the industry. The independent arena has to offer them a space to let their talent explode. My work behind the camera is just to construct the space for the talent to create.

On the key to success (Hollywood Reporter):

There are two very important things. One is discipline and the other one is passion. You need to find something that can really make you alive and happy.