Suddenly overcome with either guilt or hopes for a book deal, camera-toting Britney Spears stalker Nick Stern quit his job at Brit picture agency Splash, where he was part of a mob that meticulously cataloged and profited from Spears' self-destruction until she ended up in the hospital, where they followed her into the emergency room but were ejected by people who hate the American Dream. Stern is British, so he doesn't have a stupid self-defeating American Dream, just crushing guilt over being part of a group that will bring Spears or an innocent bystander "to some horrific end." After the jump, the problem through ex-paparazzo Stern's eyes.

Stern writes that the stalking of Britney has grown increasingly grim.

It's not what's being done, it's the way it's being done. As she continues to deteriorate psychologically, I just can't see a positive way out.

One of the specific problems: paps going nutso on the freeway.

The paps are completely out of control. It's not unusual to have 20 or 30 cars pursuing her at any one time. It's become acceptable to drive at 80mph down the wrong side of the street into oncoming traffic. I was horrified at what goes on. It's so aggressive, there are fights and crashes and slashed tyres. I felt I needed to say something.

That's nuts, and perhaps helps explain why the LAPD not only cordoned off roads "with military precision" for Britney's trip to the hospital, but also arranged with the FAA to keep the skies clear as well. They really are worried an enterprising pap is going buy a drone or build a jet pack or rent a helicopter gunship or something. At this point I don't put it past them. [Update Feb. 1: The FAA denies clearing the skies for Britney.]