Poor Keith Kelly. The New York Post media reporter's mission in life is to bash rival tabloid, the Daily News. (Kelly landed a good punch on the Daily Snooze, yesterday, when he reported on a blowup between two sports writers at the News, one of them a survivor of locker-room harassment.) But Kelly, before he took Murdoch's dollar at the Post, used to work at its despised competitor. And the veteran reporter, even ten years later, still gets confused. As this voicemail, being passed round the News, demonstrates. Marvel, child journalists, at the media world's most feared investigator at work. (Oh, and, yes, it is indeed petty for a News staffer to pass on Kelly's inarticulate message; nearly as petty as the Post's endless rubbishing of its competitor. Petty, and endlessly entertaining.) Listen here to Keith Kelly's request for a callback on the News "stuff".