The unfortunate forgot-you-were-dead San Antonio Express-News wasn't the only one screwing up this week.

*WWD landed a scoop a couple of days ago, with the news that Portfolio had hired away Newsweek's fashion correspondent, Dana Thomas (and for quite the chunk of change, is the rumor!) Unfortunately, the item had an error or two. Or three. Today the fashion Bible runs a correction that's almost as long as the original piece, but only after what we hear were two days of wrangling between Thomas and the magazine. "I simply wanted to hold up the good standards of journalism imparted to me by Ben Bradlee: 'Get It Right,'" Thomas told us. [WWD]

*Newsday wants to make sure you know exactly where a man charged with stalking lives, so in Tuesday editions, they corrected his house number, which they got wrong the first time around. Happy hunting! [Newsday]

*The Los Angeles Times is no homewrecker: "A Critic's Notebook in Sunday's Arts & Music section said that the late pianist and composer Ervin Nyiregyházi probably had an affair with the wife of conductor Artur Rodzinski. He did not." Good to know! [LAT]