Gay magazine editor Neal Boulton keeps pissing off certain gays who think he's just not gay enough, and now they've worked themselves up into a lather over Boulton's latest and possibly worst-ever attack on the gay community, which is that he's moved back in with his wife and the mother of his child. Also, he's taking his wife on dates, and might be hooking up with other women to boot, allegedly including the one at left. Boulton insisted he was "quite gay" in November after he was spotted spending the weekend at his wife's place and emphasized that she was "the mother of my children." But of course Boulton is shamefully not gay at all, as proven conclusively by an anonymous email to the website Queerty, excerpted after the jump.

A woman who said she was Boulton's lover wrote to the site:

I have been living off and on in New York unbenownst [sic] to Neal for one year. Let it be known that I am not homophobic because I, like his wife Claire, and his entire secret troupe of girls, were never in the dark that he was blatently [sic] bisexual. However, what annoys me is that he is the Editor In Chief of a gay men's magazine and blatently [sic] goes around like he did the other night at The View (a gay bar in Chelsea) making out with women (a red headed one this time) who come on to him without a care in the world (to the suprise [sic] of the bartender), yet stands up and writes in his editor's letter that he is gay!

Boulton's highest-profile gay hookup was an alleged makeout session with Rolling Stone and Us Weekly publisher Jann Wenner in front of the Time Warner Center, but questions surfaced about that hookup as well.

But really, who cares, Out Magazine almost hired a straight as editor, then hired a guy Andrew Sullivan mistook for straight, and if I found out Hugh Hefner never boned those three "girlfriends" of his the nightmares would end and I'd be very happy.