Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs' company is under investigation for giving $30,000 in goodies to use a historic New York armory at 25th and Lexington and for possibly underpaying taxpayers in the process. What, exactly, did Jacobs give 30-year state employee James Jackson in exchange for use of the armory? Exercise equipment, because apparently Jacobs can never stop trying to make everyone and everything look perfect and fabulous, and how is that a crime?! Oh also, he gave "illegal tips," but that was probably just for some new outfits because the old bureaucrat couldn't fit into samples. After the jump, director Sofia Coppola and novelist Francine Prose unwittingly provide advance warning of Jacobs' shenanigans.

In an excerpt from a Sundance Channel documentary on Jacobs airing later this month, Coppola says Jacobs is "creative" and "mysterious" (the attorney general would agree) and Prose says Marc Jacobs is in "a charmed situation" and his "cachet is extraordinary." (She clearly meant to say his cash is extraordinary.)