Shep Smith's explosion at Naomi Wolf yesterday was, in retrospect, inevitable. There was the pressure of a big-league $7 million contract with Fox News. There was his strange desire to "perform" for Fox News chief Roger Ailes "in the way a kid wants to perform for his dad." There was the inevitable bloodlust that comes from not having violently attacked anyone for seven years. And there was a sense that Shep had something bottled up inside, something he was dying to let out. His victim, liberal author Wolf, was selected after she had the audacity to insult John Kerry and Bill Clinton, an act that never goes unpunished at Fox. In the terrible aftermath, we are left only to ponder Shepard's plaintive wail, "Don't you Fox on me, ever!" Be Shep's Thursday morning quarterback, after the jump.

Highlight below, full-length version at Johnny Dollar.