CNN's Jack Cafferty would like to tell you a story about John McCain, about how he made seniors and disabled veterans cry helplessly, about how McCain could not make a decision on whether to support them or the conservatives in a recent vote on economic stimulus. He'd like to tell you about how McCain is "pathetic" and "wimped out" on voting on the issue, unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the other senators running for president. Cafferty's rage as he tells you this story is so intoxicating that it almost seems beside the point to mention his blatant deception.

McCain did not duck the question of whether to add seniors and veterans to the economic stimulus bill, in fact he was present and voted in favor. Who did miss the vote? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, actually! They also missed the vote on the full bill, even as McCain showed up to support and help pass it.

Even if McCain had missed the vote, extending the economic stimulus package to seniors and veterans was hardly controversial; that amendment passed 91-6.

McCain did miss one vote related to the stimulus bill, in which he would have decisively helped add money to the stimulus not only for seniors and veterans but also for "unemployment insurance, billions of dollars in energy tax credits and federally backed bonds for home construction," according to the Washington Post.

Needless to say, construction bonds and energy credits tend to be far less provocative on television then seniors and disabled veterans.

In any case, McCain openly admits he would have voted against the bonds and tax credits, so calling him a coward about it makes no sense.

Despite his chicanery, Cafferty is still fascinating to watch in the clip below. The best part is when, after spewing bile all over McCain, Cafferty encourages his readers to come share their unbiased thoughts on his Cyber Internet Blog.