It looks like the writers' strike is about to end. Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner said "it's over ... they shook hands," the Times has some deal terms, and writer Nikki Finke reports a deal has been negotiated, is being drafted and will be reviewed by members over the weekend. Soon, shaving cream will be flying off the shelves again in Hollywood and New York, and your sad days of intelligent, two-way interpersonal communication will be over. But it will be two to four weeks before most TV production resumes, according to a smart story rushed into the front of this week's as Entertainment Weekly, thanks to writers who have forgotten what is going on, who they are and what they are doing. A taste:

How I Met Your Mother creator Carter Bays has a really huge problem. ''It's been a long strike,'' he admits. ''I can barely remember all our characters' names, much less what we were planning to do with them. Is our show the one with Jim and Pam? If so, we'll probably have them hook up. Awkward!''

Actually, Carter, that would be The Office - but hey, it's great to hear you talking about getting back to work.