Oh dippy Gourmet magazine, with your oxymoronic job ads. There's no such thing as a "full-time freelance" job, sillies! Not that the Condé Nast magazine is alone with this shifty little recruitment tactic, designed to get the most out of contractors for as little as humanly possible. So bothersome, those taxes and benefits. More exploity media job ads after the jump. Apply at your own risk!

"In-house proofreader" wanted, says the ad! You're lucky if they let you out of this house:

Go get your flack on for Web Nation Video, where they promise to teach you to "provide these Reporters and Editors the proper number of words" for "the story they desire." Pitches from Publicists-so hot right now.

Sadly, the actual duties of this CNBC position are far less fun/disgusting than they sound: