"Gingerism" is discrimination against redheads, and passes for racism in sissy England, where they are very gravely concerned because some coppertop got stabbed in the back there once or something. Here in America, where people have better things to worry about, New York magazine brazenly attacked the flame-haired children of the city in its Feb. 10 issue. Its cover story on "Why Kids Lie" was illustrated with pictures of four children; fully three were gingers, since we all know blueys are notoriously poorly behaved. After the jump, thoughts from a torch terrified at New York's campaign of hate. Also, a terrible joke about lava heads from the BBC. Finally, a list of carrot-top slurs. To avoid, of course.

Writes our tipster, whose name we are withholding for his own protection:

Its not just the Redhead on the cover; of the four pictures of children used for

the article, only ONE of them ISNT a redhead. As a ginger myself, I'm

just not sure what to think. Yes, its true, I like to torture small

animals, start forest fires, and shove snowsuit-bound children into

snowbanks while wearing coonskin hats, but equating redheadedness to

being a liar is crossing the line.

An raging anti-ginger joke courtesy of the BBC:

Here's a joke. "What's the difference between a terrorist and a redhead?"

Here's the punchline. "You can negotiate with a terrorist."

Finally, words for redheads. Some of the more ridiculous:

Agent Orange.

'Ang Mo'. This means 'red devil' in Chinese. I lived in Singapore for several years and every time I would go out any where, some original individual would shout out 'Eh, Ang Mo!' The words are emblazoned in memory.



Burning Bush.

Cheeto crotch.

Groundskeeper Willie.

Lava head.

Red Man Walking.

Ronald McDonald.

Trusty Rusty.

Volcano Head

Woody Woodpecker