Doldrums? Blues? Forget the Zoloft. Seriously, just put it down. Instead, douse yourselves with these old-timey news station sign-offs, from the days when the networks took pity on their viewers and ceased to hurtle information at them around the midnight hour. The swelling arias! The purple mountain montages! The proud, if slightly canned, renderings of our national anthem! The men in uniform! Seriously, these sort of make Katie Couric's audience farewell seem downright anti-American, feeding as it does into "The Insider" or something equally horrifying.

WABC, New York 1986 (ABC)

WNBC New York 1986 (NBC)

WNET New York 1984 (PBS)

WCBS New York 1964 (CBS)

KCET Los Angeles 1984 (PBS)

WTAF Philadelphia 1986 (Fox)

WPVI, Philadelphia 1986 (ABC)

KCRA Sacramento 1986 (NBC)

KDLT Sioux Falls 1993 (NBC)

WMVS Milwaukee 1999 (PBS)