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New York seems to have fun new sport: Scaling the new Renzo Piano-designed New York Times headquarters! As you undoubtedly have seen by now, two people hoisted themselves up the glassy new building yesterday. The first, French stuntman Alain "Spider-Man" Robert, unfurled a banner decrying global warming from the building's 11th story before getting arrested as soon as he reached its summit.

Several hours later it was showtime for local boy Renaldo "Ray" Clarke of Brooklyn—whom friends insist is not insane—an IT worker who broadcasted an anti-malaria message to the world via his t-shirt (and nearly gave his poor old parents a heart attack) before getting handcuffed by the NYPD himself.

You can relive the rather mundane climbs yourself here, here and here. Although if you're thinking about reenacting the stunt and making an attempt at a climb yourself, be advised that the Times has beefed up security outside the building. Sure, the rock climbing wall at Chelsea Piers isn't nearly as exciting—or earn any attention whores any face time in the press—but at least you won't have to spend a night in the Tombs.