Shockingly, Gene Simmons' on-camera strumming of one "Elsa" was not the fairytale romance it seemed. Everyone thought Elsa was just an innocent energy-drink spokesmodel who happened to fall for former KISS bassist Simmons, but she's actually some kind of professional at internet sexiness, having posed topless in exchange for money. Also outrageous: Her name isn't really Elsa, it's Traci Anna Koval, and she might not even be Australian but Dutch! Fleshbot has topless pics of Koval (NSFW) and more backstory. Worse still, the woman may have reneged on a deal with Simmons to keep the sex video hushed. Simmons' lawyers told Valleywag that Koval signed over rights to the tape in 2003 and that it was filmed without Simmons' consent. But the company now selling the tape said Koval sold rights to them, and that the tape is only nine months old. It's getting to the point where a scuzzy B-list rocker can't get a quick lay from a woman half his age without getting taken advantage of. [Fleshbot (NSFW), Valleywag (safe)]