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You have to wonder just how annoyed Gina Gershon is by all this chatter about her alleged affair with Bill Clinton: hasn't seen this kind of traffic in years! The sultry actress turned up on Live with Kelly and Regis this morning (with Mario Lopez subbing for Rege), an appearance that we're sure had everything to do with her supporting role in Boeing on Broadway and absolutely nothing to do with her part in a political scandal that continues to swirl. Naturally, she took a moment to comment on the story that has had pundits talking their heads off for days:

"It is such a crazy, outrageous lie that has nothing to do with me... Journalists, it's so scary, because they get these rumors, hearsay, put it in the story, and it goes around the world in a minute... Vanity Fair never even did fact checking.... These irresponsible journalists—they're not accountable for anything."

Why do we have a feeling we're going to hear these public denials for the entire duration of her Broadway show?