Kanye West does not just rap, write books and honor his dead mother, he is also a very active fashion blogger, but for some reason the fashion world is just cruel in return. Partly it's because they maybe misinterpret his praise as criticism, like when he awarded the "illest shoe award" to some Balenciaga sandals and then couldn't get into their show. Other times designers turn down his fashion show ticket requests because, West speculated in the Times, his massive stardom would overwhelm their shows. Luckily Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf aren't haters like that, but it's still kind of sad and warped that a Grammy-awad-winning musician is scraping for a fraction of the respect afforded to, say, BrianBoy. It's not like West isn't enthusiastic about the trade. Here are some recent designs that, West wrote on his blog, are to die for:

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