Look What Pete Doherty's Cat Did To His Poor Inner Nostril

  • Here is a picture of English musician Pete Doherty bleeding out of one nostril during a concert this week. He blamed his cat. (My cat tries to sell me cocaine all the time, too, but you just have to learn to give a firm and consistent "no, Angel.") [Sun]
  • For her relocation to the British countryside, a crack cocaine-filled Amy Winehouse rented a moving van and filled it with crack cocaine and her other belongings, which were also filled with crack cocaine. [TMZ]
  • Singer Winehouse will make a quick detour to Paris, where she will be paid close to $1 million for a single appearance at a Louis Vitton fashion show, even though she just won a Worst Dressed award from music magazine NME. [Sun]
  • Britney visited her boys for three hours again. X17 appears to have been hovering over her home in a helicopter. Or maybe Sam Lutfi lent them a key to get up on the roof. Either way, the paparazzi agency really needs more money to support these types of military-celebrity operations, so be sure to click on the following link. [X17]
  • Accused of chaining a male escort to his wall, Boy George pleads "not guilty," meaning the escort was free to both come and go. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner would like actress Lindsay Lohan to keep pretending to be naked Marilyn Monroe in magazines, by swimming naked. Lohan should continue down this whole "I Am The New Marilyn Monroe" path, what could possibly go wrong? [Liz Smith, second item]