Note to magazine editors: When Amy Fisher gives you an interview about her new sex tape, and also an exclusive photo shoot of "her new and improved size D implants" showcased in lingerie, she does not appreciate being made to look, well, foolish. After an interview with New York/New Jersey nightclub magazine Steppin' Out, in which she talked freely about the sex tape and that one time she shot a lady in the head, Fisher sent an angry email to magazine's editor reading, in part, you obviously wanted to make me look really bad... You made me out to be a monster and I'm not and you know it." Maybe Fisher, who earned fame as a Long Island teenager for shooting her much older lover's wife, is genuinely hurt. Or maybe she just knows that conflict gets attention, as it did with her at-first-"unauthorized" sex tape, which she is now earning money on. Her email and the photo layout that supposedly made her so upset after the jump.

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