Julia Allison's Therapy Chat Could Change Her ForeverJulia Allison went to sunny South Florida for sunbathing and a geekfest this weekend and got, perhaps, more Gawker coverage than she bargained for. A bunch of people leered at her nipple, there was rampant speculation about her connection to Digg founder Kevin Rose, and after the whole thing was over Allison posted some angsty words on her Tumblr. Then, today, Allison entered into some impromptu unlicensed counseling with, we are reliably informed, Gawker blogger Nick Douglas, in a chat Allison posted to her blog. Douglas' advice? At the moment Time Out New York columnist and Star editor Allison's fame is at new heights, she should "step away from the camera" and "run everything by Rachel Sklar," the Huffington Post editor. Hmmm. Given Allison wrote she finds blogging "FUN!!!" even in the wake of having her chest ogled on the Web, why retreat now, when a big media gig, trophy husband or both could be right around the corner? Read Douglas' advice and post your own after the jump. Read at least the last couple of lines of the Allison chat, they are priceless:

* Julia: But I really like blogging.

* Julia: and people - most people - like reading it.

* [redacted]: more people are reading the negative stories about you than are reading your blog.

* Julia: you're right.

* [redacted]: of course you also have life choices to change

* Julia: yeah, yeah, I get all the disadvantages (ruinous personal life) with none of the benefits.

* [redacted]: yes

* [redacted]: to change that will take sacrifice

* Julia: what do you consider sacrifice? free alcohol that I didn't even drink? hahah

* [redacted]: sacrifice means stepping away from the camera

* [redacted]: honing in on your work

* Julia: oh.

* [redacted]: it means letting the world know less about you for a bit

* [redacted]: whom do you want to be?

* [redacted]: oprah?

* [redacted]: tyra?

* Julia: yeah, I hear you.

* Julia: should i just tone down the blogging?

* Julia: or stop it completely?

* Julia: and what if my future is a videoblog?

* [readacted]: put more thought into the messages you're sending with it

* [readacted]: run everything by rachel sklar

* [readacted]: you won't want to listen to her recommendations

* [readacted]: but you should

* Julia: HAHAHAH

* Julia: I'm so worried that then ... I won't be able to have any FUN!!!

* [redacted]: right

* [redacted]: winning at life is hard work!

* Julia: I always thought an exception could be made. ;)

Bonus: A quick chat with Nick Douglas.

Julia Allison's Therapy Chat Could Change Her Forever


Julia Allison's Therapy Chat Could Change Her Forever