Ha ha, you thought the endless nightmare battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was finally coming to a close, but Hillary just won Texas, Ohio and precious Rhode Island, gave a chipper speech and ordered aides to convene a special EMERGENCY conference call to slam Obama for doing crafty evil things to the proud caucusers of Texas, which means the seven weeks until the next important primary are going to eat your soul. Sure, there will be twee little elections in Mississippi and Wyoming to interrupt the arguing, but until Pennsylvania awards its 21 delegates on April 22, Clinton and Obama will mostly just be left torture everyone with endless bickering. What exactly will they yell at each other? Predictably, the Obama campaign said Clinton is going to throw all kinds of mud, while the Clinton campaign said it also thought Clinton would throw all kinds of mud:

From the Times:

"What my head tells me is that we've got a very sizable delegate lead that is going to be hard to overcome," Mr. Obama said. "But, look, she is a tenacious and determined candidate, so we're just going to make sure we work as hard as we can, as long as it takes."


Clinton campaign communications director Howard Wolfson, in a conference call with reporters Monday, euphemistically called the seven-week hiatus "an interesting new phase" in the struggle between Obama and Clinton. He suggested the phase would be filled with questions fired from Clinton about Obama's relationship with indicted Chicago businessman Tony Rezko whose trial on federal corruption charges is now underway in Chicago.

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