Though ostensibly a South Central Blood, "Chatman" often sounds like he's writing a vulgar, awkwardly-phrased college term paper on power relations within the drug trade.

"Just the same as countries like Colombia and Afghanistan stake the greater benefits of their economy in the drug trade," Chatman wrote, "all these foreign drugs find their way to the streets of Los Angeles, where the impoverished and the gangs stake their economical benefits in the same trade."


"The gangs, the impoverished, the distributors, processors, traffickers, merchants, and consumers work in the streets day to day. Militias protect the interest of poppy fields of Afghanistan and Coca plantations of Colombia just the same as gang members protect their common interest and profits with AK 47's, small armies and control of enough area to assure that all profitable substances will be sold on time."

Chatman also said he joined the Bloods at age eight, dropped out of high school, learned to make crack from his father and, uh, identifies as part of Generation X.

Also? He's a big fan of Margaret Seltzer! Referring to Seltzer by her pen name Margaret Jones, Chatman wrote:


Margaret Jones is one of those who was fit to survive the 3rd world conditions of Los Angeles. Every moment of trauma and oppression within her life she overcame with successful accomplishments and great.

...Margaret Jones is a product of the hood. She has seen her share of desensitizing events and hardships, enough to be a soldier in the fight against poverty, oppression and ignorance. She continued to fight her way through the University of Oregon where she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Ethnic Studies, but she began her fight in South Central LA, below the Hollywood sign.

Since the site is destined to be taken down sooner or later, screenshots of the Chatman biography and "Foundation Information" page follow.