Vanessa Grigoriadis already disclosed her bipolar condition in a New York magazine cover story on the mental illness. So the personal revelations in a new documentary film project aren't exactly news. But the deceptively cute profile writer-whose personal charm masks an incisive and ferocious journalist-does come out with an intriguing line. "As someone who is over-dramatic, and over-sensitive, and moody and attention-seeking, and interested in other people's approval. All of those things add up to not being bipolar but just who I am." No wonder, when Grigoriadis explored the angst of the creative underclass in last autumn's profile of Gawker, she captured the culture of web writing so well. I hadn't realized that the symptoms of bipolar condition so closely mapped to the personality of the archetypal self-obsessed blogger. After the jump, the clip: the money quote comes at 4:58.