Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone (left) looks like nothing so much as an angel, or perhaps God Himself, with beams of light coming down all around him, a hopeful blue sky in the background (here's a clearer cover shot). The magazine endorsed Obama not only implicitly but also explicitly, comparing him to Abraham Lincoln in the process. The effusive coverage is hardly a surprise, given that Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner had said he wanted to "help get a good" Democratic presidential candidate for "change" elected, and that Hillary Clinton represented business as usual. He also donated money to Obama. But Wenner's stumping has spread to other media, including cable news network CNN. Check out this clip, in which a credulous CNN anchor, interviewing the author of Rolling Stone's cover story, is just amazed at the way this presidential candidate who is so popular with the kids has ingeniously used "social networking" on "the internet:"