Rupert Murdoch, Internet Idiot

Rupert Murdoch got all excited about his new business channel, Fox Business Network, which was totally going to crush CNBC after launching last Feruary. Murdoch goosed ratings by putting a Penthouse centerfold and also internet seductress Rachel Marsden on air, and within four months shared a very special Valentine's day semen story with viewers. But the doddering old media mogul, who has received so much worshipful praise for his well-timed acquisition of social networking website MySpace, forgot to register before announcing the station to the world, and now a court just ruled he will never ever get the domain name back from a cybersquatter. Luckily, someone who knows something about the internet convinced the old bastard to shell out the $15 to reserve, so expect the Fox Business Network to lose the "Network" part of its name in a hurry, or change its title to clownpenis.fart, the domain name used by a slow-to-the-Web bank in a 1999 Saturday Night Live commercial. Video of the SNL commercial after the jump.

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