Winona Ryder Thought Shoplifting Season Already Underway

  • It's been so long since actress Winona Ryder stole anything that she's not up on the latest anti-theft technology. A drug store employee said she tried to steal makeup, via her purse, and was caught by the stupid door alarm thing and made to give it back. Wait, people actually stop for those alarms? I am always just waved through. But then my photo isn't taped up in every retail establishment in Los Angeles. [Daily Mail]
  • Comedian Pauly Shore: "White people are screwed. Especially in my industry, they're screwed." [P6]
  • Hillary Clinton endorsed Heather Mills, Beatles Paul McCartney's ex wife, on Mills' website. The video is six years old, and the Brits wonder if perhaps Hillary has not come to hate Mills as much as they have in the meantime. [Daily Mail]
  • On South Park, singer Britney Spears' cartoon doppelganger will blast her head off with a shotgun and then be photographed to death. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Singer Britney Spears' ex Adnan Ghalib was cheating on her for two months with a waitress/model 15 years his junior. Now the waitress says she had no idea about him and Spears and would never steal anyone's boyfriend. It's not like it would get her interviews and tons of free publicity or anything. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Actress Tori Spelling is going to have a baby girl to go with her son and pink-scarfed little dog. [People]
  • OMG Madonna didn't wear her wedding ring last week. Her marriage is clearly doomed. [Mail]
  • The whole thing with movie stars Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson getting back together is definitely happening. [P6]