The Hills star Lauren Conrad explains why you don't have to be a teenager, or a stunted twenty-something, to enjoy her MTV reality show. Number 1: It's like Sex and the City, without scripts and things. "But we were four girls who came to L.A., and became friends over time, and friendships were broken." It is also like The Devil Wears Prada. "That was about a girl who works at Vogue. I'm a girl who works at Teen Vogue. I get yelled at a lot. I miss birthdays and dates." And how is it an unscripted program can come off as kind of scripted? "It looks more like it's scripted because of the way they shoot it. There's a lot of editing. They use our stares for dramatic effect. All of us have more expressions on our face now, out of habit."

But the real magic of The Hills is what it can do for the older gals, like those ones from Sex and the City. "A lot of older women, not even that old-I'm talking, like, late 30s-say one of the reasons they love watching is because they love reminiscing. And remembering what it's like to be young and free and in your early 20s." [Newsweek]